Career and profession

The GDCh provides information about and assistance with getting started in chemistry as a profession and going on to a successful career. Job markets and job application workshops help chemists land jobs that will prove satisfying. Brochures for career start-ups provide an overview of the various professional fields open to them; comprehensive lists of links help with information about grants, stays in other countries, and other topics. Surveys of current salaries, a labour law hotline, and detailed statistics on university majors in chemistry complete the picture.

GDCh Career Services assists companies both in Germany and abroad with their search for qualified candidates, whether recent chemistry graduates or experienced professionals, in all of the branches of chemistry and related fields.

The GDCh Job Market – in print or online – opens up a smooth and direct path to qualified professionals. Because the job market is confined to chemists and related professions, highly qualified experts and managers find your job offerings quickly and easily.

Universities and research institutes may publish positions open to doctoral candidates, post-doctoral applicants, and professors free of charge. more

Foto: Pixabay